Animal Ultrasound

Large Screen Veterinary B Ultrasound Diagnostic Apparatus and Pregnancy Scan Animal B Ultrasound of the Convex Array Probe

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Large screen veterinary B ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and pregnancy scan animal B ultrasound of the convex array probe

Basic principles

    B-ultrasound works in the following procedure: different tissues of human body possess different densities and speeds of transmission of ultrasound, i.e. different acoustic impedance (product of media density and sound speed). When Piezoelectric chip (transducer) gets certainly regulated electric impulse, it will produce ultrasound with certain frequency. When this ultrasound (sound energy) is injected into human body, different organ surfaces will produce reflection echo, the different size reflection is received by the transducer which emitted ultrasound and is changed into electric impulse, when this electric impulse is amplified, demodulated, digital scanned, shifted and some other handling, video standard signal is produced and organ cross-sectional images are displayed on the monitor.

TC-300 and TC-301 Specifications

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