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Laboratory Snowflake Ice Maker Machine Price

Laboratory Snowflake Ice Maker Machine Price
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Laboratory snowflake ice maker machine price

Henan Tianchi Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd. which is the most professional ice machine manufacturer in China,mainly operate manufacturing & export business on high quality ice making machines and other refrigeration equipments, including:snowflake ice machine,Laboratory Ice Maker,etc.

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High-quality stainless steel is used for their shells, they are anti-corrosive and durable, and the all-in-one independent structure makes them simple and compact and space-saving.

Inner cabinet for the Freon-free foam insulation, preservation effect is good, the inner container for freon-free and bacteriostatasis, energy-saving and environmental protection.

Arc plastic door, compact and beautiful appearance, there are two patents.

Full computer control to offer whole-process monitoring and perfect protection fluorine-free foam thermal cover featuring good insulation effect,good ice bathing effect.They are both energy-saving and environmental friendly.

High quality and efficient use of fluorine-free R134a compressors, parts and components have passed relevant safety certifications, RoHs compliance with EU environmental directives.,and they are safe and reliable.

Electrical components are used “TUV” or “VDE” authentication, the authentication parts are safe and reliable.


Snowflake-shaped ice is widely used in hospitals, schools, labs, research institutes and other occasions as well as supermarkets, food preservation, fishing refrigeration, medical applications, chemical and food processing industries, and wide application.

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Technical Parameters:

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Box body outermost shell : Stainless steel

Condensing way : Air cooled

Ice shape : Irregular small granular snow crushed ice

Use occasions : college, laborary, scientific research institution, medical dept, pharmaceutical chemical enterprises, supermarket

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