Can the cryogenic liquid nitrogen tank be carried with you

We use the low temperature characteristics of the liquid nitrogen tank. The entire tank body is of vacuum structure and the material is aluminum alloy, which can better meet the cells or specimens stored under low temperature liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen tank is used to hold liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is in a liquid state and is not allowed when carried by air.

In the case of land transportation, the liquid nitrogen tank must be an empty tank and cannot be filled with liquid nitrogen, because considering the unsafe factors, if it is a short distance transportation, you can buy a transport type liquid nitrogen tank, which has a strong Shockproof design can meet long-distance transportation.

If it is carried on a bus, it needs to be explained clearly to the inspector in advance, and the product inspection should be shown to let the other party ensure that the empty tank is safe and can be carried under normal circumstances.

Carrying on the train, different regions, the staff has different understanding of the liquid nitrogen tank, in general, it can be carried around, and some require consignment, and do the consignment for everyone's safety.

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