Can the liquid nitrogen tank be carried long-distance

The transportation of liquid nitrogen tanks is a problem we often encounter, and some of the problems we often hear are that liquid nitrogen tanks urgently need air transportation. Can we explain this problem as follows:

The liquid nitrogen tank is a tank containing liquid nitrogen. Its particularity is mainly made of a vacuum body structure. The main material is a high-quality aluminum alloy structure. Some airlines and even some ground transportation units refuse to check in. The reason is that after seeing the word liquid nitrogen tank The fear of explosion is the first-class worry. Of course, there are some who do not understand liquid nitrogen, such as poisoning, burning, etc., so they are refused to ship without a full understanding and understanding of the liquid nitrogen tank. With full understanding and understanding, both air and land transportation are safe and reliable.

In the case of carrying a long-distance train on a portable liquid nitrogen tank, in this case, some regions and staff can generally carry it with someone who knows the liquid nitrogen tank well, and some need to be checked. In order to ensure that there is no delay for you It is best to handle the consignment in advance to avoid delaying your work schedule.

If your trip is a bus, in this case, you need to explain it to the inspector in advance, or show the product to be inspected, and let the other party ensure that you are an empty can and a safe product, most of which can be taken with the car.

Note: Whether it is land transportation or air transportation, the liquid nitrogen tank must be an empty tank, and cannot be filled with liquid gas (except for designated specific vehicles).

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