Can you put liquid nitrogen in a plastic container

The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196 ° C. The temperature is extremely low. Once it is placed in a plastic container, the plastic container will harden and cause bursting.

If you need a small amount of liquid nitrogen, you can directly invert it into an iron or aluminum basin, but the action must be fast, otherwise the temperature will rise, and a small amount of liquid nitrogen will quickly vaporize and volatilize , Therefore, in the long-term storage of liquid nitrogen, a suitable storage container-a liquid nitrogen tank must be selected.

Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank is made of aviation aluminum, light weight and easy to carry. The overall design is a vacuum double-layer structure. The shell is formed by spinning technology, which has fewer welds and strong aesthetics. At the same time, the vacuum leak rate is guaranteed, which effectively reduces the volatilization of liquid nitrogen.