How is liquid nitrogen prepared and stored?

How to prepare liquid nitrogen? What are the methods?

Answer: In industry, liquid nitrogen is obtained by fractional distillation of air. After purifying the air, it is liquefied under a pressurized and cooled environment and separated by the different boiling points of the components in the air.

The unliquefied helium gas is discharged first, followed by 78.09% nitrogen in the air, then argon 0.93% in the air, and finally 20.95% oxygen.

How to store the prepared liquid nitrogen?

Answer: If you store a large amount of liquid nitrogen, like industrial and gas companies generally use large storage tanks, if you store a small amount of liquid nitrogen, you can use a small liquid nitrogen tank.

The inner jacket and outer jacket of the small liquid nitrogen tank are manufactured by the vacuum jacket insulation principle. The insulation material and adsorbent are installed in the interlayer, which can effectively reduce the evaporation rate of liquid nitrogen.

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