How long can liquid nitrogen last in a liquid nitrogen container

Liquid nitrogen quickly volatilizes to nitrogen under normal temperature, and turns from liquid to gas. At the same time, the volume will expand rapidly. If liquid nitrogen is stored in a non-pressure sealed container, it may cause an explosion, so do not store liquid nitrogen in a sealed container at room temperature.

The liquid nitrogen container is made of high-strength, special corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. The inner and outer bladders of the container are manufactured by the vacuum jacket insulation principle. The insulation material and the adsorbent are installed in the interlayer. It can effectively solve the problem of a large amount of evaporation loss of liquid nitrogen caused by thermal convection, conduction and radiation in the container.

So how long can liquid nitrogen be stored in the liquid nitrogen tank?

The storage time of different liquid nitrogen tanks is also different. For example, a 10-liter liquid nitrogen container is based on the Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank. The static liquid nitrogen storage period is 105 days, which means that the 10-liter liquid nitrogen container can be stored for a maximum of 105 days.