Is it safe to eat food frozen with liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is widely used. At present, the use of liquid nitrogen to cool food has become a fashionable and cool diet. However, a cold diet can pose risks.

Liquid nitrogen is a colorless and odorless, ultra-low temperature liquid gas at -196 ℃, which can quickly freeze food, but even after the liquid is completely boiled into a gas, the extremely cold food and the replacement of oxygen can cause health problems.

For example, the damage to skin and internal organs caused by liquid nitrogen still present in food or beverages. There are reports that when liquid nitrogen is added immediately before consumption, it is difficult to breathe after inhaling the vapor released by the liquid nitrogen. Even after the liquid nitrogen has completely evaporated, handling or eating products prepared by immediately adding liquid nitrogen can cause harm. Therefore, it is not suitable for all foods cooled by liquid nitrogen.

Other foods that were treated with liquid nitrogen before sale and before consumption, such as some frozen confections, should be treated so that the liquid nitrogen completely evaporates before reaching the consumer and the temperature is no longer at an extremely low level. Therefore, there is no risk of major injury.

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