Necessary measures for the use of liquid nitrogen

1. Gloves

The use of gloves liquid nitrogen at 0 degrees below 320 degrees, so take certain precautions to avoid frost and other injuries is important. Ensure that gloves are always worn when handling liquid nitrogen.If liquid nitrogen is short contact with the skin, it is okay. In most cases, it only slides from the skin. If you want to stop it, it may be dangerous because of improper operation. Be cautious when dealing with it.

2. Wearing safety glasses

You absolutely don't want to make your eyes liquid nitrogen. So be very careful in mixing, only wearing protective glasses can be safe. The temperature of liquid nitrogen is very low, can let your fingers break; Just imagine how much damage you can see to your eyes.

3. Liquid nitrogen is usually stored in a liquid nitrogen tank to help prevent its evaporation.

Be careful not to splash liquid nitrogen. You want to always control the final position of liquid nitrogen, so try not to blend it.