Precautions for self pressurized liquid nitrogen tank

1. Due to the larger heat of the container, the first liquid filling, the heat balance time is longer, can first charge a small amount of liquid medium pre cooling (10L or so), and then slowly filled (this is not easy to form ice plugging).

2. In order to reduce the loss of liquid filling, you have a small amount of liquid in the container, that is, refill. or within 48 hours of filling the liquid after using it.

3. In order to ensure the safe and reliable use of containers, this container can only be filled with liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon.

4. When transfusion, the outer surface of the vessel to knot water, frost, is a normal phenomenon. When the booster valve is opened to boost work, because the booster coil is fitted with the outer barrel of the inner wall, the coil in the tube will absorb the heat of the liquid in the outer barrel vaporization to achieve the purpose of boost, there may be speckled frosting on the outer tube. Shut down the booster valve, the frost point will slowly disperse. When the booster valve is closed without the infusion work, the outer surface of the container has water and frost phenomena, which indicates that the vacuum of the container has been destroyed, the container can not continue to use. Should find professional manufacturer repair or scrap processing.

5. When transporting liquid media on the pavement of grade three or below, please do not exceed the 30km/h.

6. Containers on the vacuum nozzle, safety valve seals, seals can not be damaged.

7. If the container is not used for a long time, please drain and blow the liquid medium inside the container, and then close all valve seals.

8. Containers must be used dry air before filling liquid media, and all valves and pipes will be blown dry, the liquid medium can be installed, otherwise it will cause pipe icing obstruction, affect the boost and infusion.

9. This equipment is a kind of instrument and meter, use should be light to handle, open the valve when the strength of moderate unfavorable too large, speed can not too fast; in particular, the metal hose and the inlet/drain valve joints are connected can not use the strong twist to tighten,a slight force in place to seal can be (the ball structure is easy to seal), lest will take over the twist or even twist, when screwing with a hand-held valve body