The use technique of ice making machine

1. Ice-making machine should be installed in far away from the heat source, no direct sun irradiation, ventilation, the ambient temperature should not exceed 35 ℃ to prevent excessive temperature caused by the condenser heat dissipation, affecting the ice-making effect. The installation of ice machine should be solid ground, ice machine must maintain level, otherwise will lead to non-ice and the operation of Noise.

2. Ice-making machine back and left side clearance is not less than 30cm, the top clearance is not less than 60cm.

3. Ice-making machine should use independent power supply, dedicated line with a fuse and leakage protection switches, and reliable grounding.

4. Ice machine water should conform to the national drinking water standard, and add water filtration device, filter water impurities, lest plug water pipes, polluting sinks and ice molds. and influence ice-making performance.

5. Cleaning the ice machine should be switched off the power supply, no direct use of water pipes to wash the fuselage, the application of neutral detergent scrub, strictly prohibited with acidic, alkaline corrosive solvents such as cleaning.

6. Ice-making machine must rotate the inlet hose head two months, wash the water inlet valve strainer, avoid the impurities clogging the inlet of the sand mud, and cause the inlet water to be smaller, resulting in no ice.

7. Ice-making machine must sweep the condenser surface dust every two months, the condensation heat dissipation will cause the compressor parts damage. Cleaning, the use of vacuum cleaner, brush and other clean-condensation surface oil dust, can not use sharp metal tool cleaning, lest damage the condenser.

8. Ice-making machine water pipes, sinks, storage refrigerators and protective film to be cleaned every two months.

9. The ice machine is not used, should be cleaned, and blow dry ice mould and moisture in the box, put in no corrosive gas and ventilated dry place, avoid open storage.