Under what pressure is liquid nitrogen stored

The boiling point of nitrogen is -196 ° C, which means that it will volatilize above this temperature. This is the volatilization condition. If the temperature of nitrogen is below -196 ° C under normal atmospheric pressure, liquid nitrogen will form; if pressurized, it can be Liquid nitrogen is obtained at higher temperatures.

Liquid nitrogen tanks  use vacuum interlayer, filling insulation materials, using aviation aluminum and other weak thermally conductive materials to minimize heat leakage, and the small amount of heat leakage can be compensated by a small amount of liquid nitrogen evaporated, so it can always maintain Store liquid nitrogen at low temperature.

The liquid nitrogen container (Dewar) is divided into two kinds of pressure and normal pressure. Normal pressure is that there is no seal between the liquid nitrogen and the atmosphere, just simple isolation. Use a normal-pressure liquid nitrogen tank.