Whether to clean the liquid nitrogen biological container, how to maintain and clean it

The liquid nitrogen biological container is a kind of corrosive product, and it is necessary to avoid violent collision and vibration and place it in a cool and dark place. When the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen container has evaporated, the tank will leave the missing substances (such as frozen sperm, cells, etc.) quickly melted, and become a liquid substance attached to the inner gallbladder, causing corrosion to the inner gallbladder, if a cavity is formed The liquid nitrogen container will be scrapped and cannot be used, so the liquid nitrogen container should be cleaned after volatilization.

Specific cleaning method of liquid nitrogen biological container:

First, take out the lifting cylinder in the liquid nitrogen container, remove the remaining liquid nitrogen in the tank, and leave it at room temperature for 2-3 days. When the temperature in the tank rises to about 0℃, pour about 30℃ warm water (not more than 40℃) , The total weight should not exceed 2kg), scrub carefully with a cloth. If you find that the individual missing material melts on the inner tank, you should wash it carefully. Rinse with clean water for many times, then invert the liquid nitrogen container, put it in a safe place where it is not suitable for tipping over, let it dry naturally, or blow it dry with a blower, then store it at room temperature.

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