Liquid Nitrogen Container

Dewar Vessel 2-100 Liter

Product Details

dewar vessel 2-100 liter is well made, very good insulation, container with low loss, it is high-strength aluminum alloy structure, light emptied weight with a vacuum between the walls,used to hold liquids at well below room temperature. liquid nitrogen it does not spill or slosh in transit, This makes it perfect to hold liquid nitrogen.

Dewar Vessel 2-100 Liter

Dewar Vessel 2-100 Liter

Dewar Vessel 2-100 Liter

Product features

The large-capacity liquid nitrogen container has the advantages of large capacity, small space occupation, low consumption of liquid nitrogen, and standard casters for convenient indoor movement.

1. Optional lock cover and multi-layer square lifting cylinder, the sample storage capacity is large.

2, can be used to transport liquid nitrogen, easy to move indoors.

3. Optional liquid level alarm for measuring the liquid nitrogen storage in the container.

Our Service

1. Product quality assurance, 5 years warranty, free maintenance for life, free of charge during the warranty related spare parts

2. Products Three Guarantees service, for each customer to establish user files, and enjoy lifelong technical services.

3.Return Policy 

Buy with confidence.If you wish to return the item, you may do so within 30 days. 

Our company

Henan Tianchi are a professional manufacturer of liquid nitrogen dewar vessel ,Our containers are made of high quality rust-proof aluminum alloy and are light in weight. The outer casing is formed by spinning technology, with few welds and strong aesthetics, and the vacuum leak rate is guaranteed.

In addition, we have a qualified after-sales service team to ensure that customer issues are resolved in a short period of time.

Our Certificate

For the product certificate, we have ISO,CE,and Manufacturing License of liquid nitrogen dewar vessel.


The company covers an area of 1000 m2.


We have liquid nitrogen containers of various capacities. Our daily production capacity is 800.

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