Liquid Nitrogen Container

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar 2-100 Liter

Product Details

2-100 liter liquid nitrogen dewar is vacuum multilayer insulation design,well made. very good insulation, container with low loss.more than 5 years of vacuum quality.

Our products are widely used in livestock, research institutions and university sales.

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Product features

1. The dewar consists of a liner, a bladder, a lifting cylinder, and a neck tube connecting the inner and outer bladders.

2. The inner and outer gallbladders are made of high-strength aluminum alloy and are durable.

3. The neck tube is made of epoxy glass reinforced plastic. It has a very low thermal conductivity and can control the external heat entering from the neck tube to a low level.

4. A vacuum adsorbent is installed in the vacuum chamber, which can adsorb the gas volatilized by metal or other substances in the vacuum chamber, thereby maintaining a high vacuum for a long time.

liquid nitrogen dewar 2-100 liter

liquid nitrogen dewar 2-100 liter

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liquid nitrogen dewar 2-100 liter

Our company

Henan Tianchi are a professional manufacturer of liquid nitrogen dewar ,Our containers are made of high quality rust-proof aluminum alloy and are light in weight. The outer casing is formed by spinning technology, with few welds and strong aesthetics, and the vacuum leak rate is guaranteed.

In addition, we have a qualified after-sales service team to ensure that customer issues are resolved in a short period of time.

Our Certificate

For the product certificate, we have ISO,CE,and Manufacturing License of liquid nitrogen dewar.


The company covers an area of 1000 m2.


We have liquid nitrogen containers of various capacities. Our daily production capacity is 800.

Advanced equipment

In order to improve our products, we learn and debug production equipment. We have our own technical research team.

liquid nitrogen dewar 2-100 liter