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Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container 30L Cryogenic Transport Tank 35L Manufacturers

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Liquid nitrogen biological container 30L cryogenic transport tank 35L manufacturers

Tianchi liquid nitrogen biological container manufacturers design and develop to transfer liquid nitrogen and biological samples, suitable for long-distance transportation, safety, reliability and other advantages :

1. High strength aviation aluminum manufacturing, product quality is light;

2. Have a special shock structure, strong and durable;

3. The number of the drum, to facilitate the identification of storage samples;

4. Equipped with a protective cover, to prevent the products in the use of the bump;

5. Matching with lock cover, to protect the safety of storage samples;

6. Products have high vacuum multilayer insulation design, provide no less than five years of vacuum warranty.

Liquid nitrogen biological container 30L

Model : YDS-30B

Volume : 31.5 L

Caliber : 50 mm

O.D : 438 mm

Height : 700 mm

Static Storage : 170 d

Net Weight : 14 kg

Gross Weight : 19.5 kg

Packing Size : 48×48×79 cm

liquid nitrogen transport tank 30L.jpg

liquid nitrogen transport tank 35L.jpg

Cryogenic transport tank 35L

Model : YDS-35B

Volume : 35.5 L

Caliber : 50 mm

O.D : 438 mm

Height : 740 mm

Static Storage : 185 d

Net Weight : 16.7 kg

Gross Weight : 20.5 kg

Packing Size : 47×47×83 cm

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