Liquid Nitrogen Transport Tank

210mm Caliber Liquid Nitrogen Containers 80L LN2 Tanks 100L

Product Details

210mm caliber liquid nitrogen containers 80L LN2 tanks 100L

Large-diameter liquid nitrogen transport container is well made, weld the small, solid and reliable,the container is made of high-strength, special corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, very good insulation, integrated molding, low loss, more than 5 years of vacuum quality; 

liquid nitrogen transport container can be used in laboratory and hospital refrigeration, metal freezing. This series of products meets the application of various industries.

Product Details

•  Makes sample retrieval simple and consumes minimal liquid nitrogen

•  Advanced vacuum insulation reduces liquid nitrogen loss, lowers operating costs, and offers better protection for cryogenic sample

•  Lockable lid ensures sample security


1. Artificial insemination programs

2. Laboratories

3. Preservation of blood samples & semens

Liquid nitrogen transport container features:

1. High strength aluminium alloy structure

2. Advanced powder coating technique

3. Multi-layer thermal isolation design

4. Protective jacket to prevent collision

5. 5-year warranty on vacuum

6. Optional accessories

Product parameters :

Model : YDS-80B-210

Volume : 80 L

Caliber : 210 mm

O.D : 480 mm

Height : 900 mm

Static Storage : 120 d

Net Weight : 28 kg

Gross Weight : 55.0 kg

Packing Size : 63×63×110 cm

210mm Caliber Liquid Nitrogen Containers 80L LN2 Tanks80-210
210mm Caliber Liquid Nitrogen Containers LN2 Tanks 100-210

Model : YDS-100B-210

Volume : 100 L

Caliber : 210 mm

O.D : 606 mm

Height : 1001 mm

Static Storage : 140 d

Net Weight : 32 kg

Gross Weight : 58.0 kg

Packing Size : 63×63×110 cm


This container is only suitable for the static storage of liquid nitrogen, not suitable for the transport of liquid nitrogen.

This cryogenic container ships empty , It can be filled anywhere that supplies liquid nitrogen,

Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold and if it touches your skin, you will be burned , Be careful during use

210mm Caliber Liquid Nitrogen Containers 80L LN2 Tanks 100L

210mm Caliber Liquid Nitrogen Containers 80L LN2 Tanks 100L


1: How long you can fulfill the order normally?

We have in stock if there is no OEM or big quantity,According to your order quantity decide the time of delivery, usually 15 days.

2: What is your minimum order quantity?

1 piece is available.

3: How long the transportation take?

The time depends on the delivery method. which depends on the transportation, almost 5-7 days.

4: What is the transportation?

Usually We send the goods by air, small order is best to choose international express, such as EMS, UPS, TNT, e-EMS, FedEx-IE, FedEx-IP, Aramex is better for middle east etc. Big orders are suitable for the delivery by sea.

5: Can you supply me the samples?


6: OK, last one, do you have after-sale service?

Sure, we can supply 2 years after sale service. And do contact us if you have any question.


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