A Type Ultrasonic Diagnosis

Type A ultrasound is to use the amniotic fluid that was produced by mammal in the placenta after pregnancy.According to the development of amniotic fluid,the ultrasonic wave is used to convert the reflected wave of the liquid in the fetal sac into an electric pulse,and then the electric pulse is converted into an audible alarm.To check the sow is pregnant or empty pregnant.The detection site is placed on the lower part of the ribs on both sides of the sow.At the 2.5cm above the last pair of nipples,and a sufficient amount of rapeseed oil or paraffin oil is applied.Then,the ultrasonic instrument is placed close to the oiling place,and the instrument is rotated to compress the skin to discharge air.Make it in close contact with the skin,and scan the uterus in an arc,at an angle of about 45°C to the sow body,and aligned with the front shoulder.When the instrument hears a continuous "beep" sound,it is judged as positive,indicating that it is pregnant;if an intermittent "beep,beep" sound is issued,it is judged as negative,indicating that it is not pregnant,and the final diagnosis is based on childbirth or abortion.The veterinary A-ultrasound diagnostic apparatus can make the initial diagnosis from 18 days to 20 days after the sow breeding,and the re-examination should be carried out from 30 days to 40 days to ensure the accuracy of the detection.The accurate result can be obtained from 60d to 75d.The veterinary A-ultrasound detector is compact and light,easy to carry,easy to operate,fast in diagnosis and high in accuracy.