Animal B-ultrasound Examination Scope In Dogs

1,Veterinary animal B ultrasound can observe the depth, size, diameter or area of the various organs or lesions of the dog, such as intrahepatic portal vein, hepatic vein diameter, heart wall thickness and heart size, mitral valve area.

2,The veterinary  B ultrasound to observe the shape and contour of each organ of the dog.

If it is a space-occupying lesion, veterinary B-ultrasound imaging often suggests the presence of a capsule.

Animal B-ultrasound Examination Scope In Dogs

3,Veterinary animal B ultrasound observation of the various organs and lesions of the dog and its relationship with surrounding organs.

Such as whether the organ is drooping or shifting, the specific location of the lesion in the organ, the relationship between the lesion and the surrounding blood vessels, and whether it is oppressed or invaded into the surrounding blood vessels.