Animal B Ultrasound In Modern Cattle Raising

   Veterinary B ultrasound is a high-tech imaging diagnostic technique which using transducers (probes) through the piezoelectric effect emiting high-frequency ultrasonic wave penetrating the body tissue to produce an echo, the echo can be received by the transducer into high-frequency electrical signals, and then transmitted to the host,after amplification displaying the section image of the detected position on a fluorescent screen.It is also a high-tech technique for observing the section of the living body without any injury or stimulation.

   1、B ultrasound can be used to detect the ovarian development of dairy cows (B ultrasound monitoring follicle development and ovulation), so as to breeding timely and improve the pregnancy rate.

   2、B ultrasound can be used for early diagnosis of pregnancy (28 days after mating), fetal development examination and gestational age determination in dairy cows.

Animal B Ultrasound in Modern Cattle Raising

   3、During pregnancy,B ultrasonic monitoring can detect stillbirth, abortion and embryo absorption in time, and can identify the sex of cow fetus.

   4、B ultrasound monitoring at delivery can judge fetal vitality and whether fetal and afterbirth is exhausted or not.

   5、Postpartum B ultrasound monitoring can observe the recovery of uterus, and diagnose endometritis, pyometra, effusion and other reproductive disorders at the same time.

   6、B-ultrasound can be used to diagnose ovarian diseases in dairy cows and provide scientific basis for the treatment of ovarian diseases.

   7、B ultrasound can be used for Ultrasound mediated ovum pick up.