Application Of Animal B-Ultrasound In The Field Of Small Animals

In China,the diagnosis of small animals, such as dogs and cats, is still in infancy, and there is still a certain gap between China and the developed countries. However,in terms of the development of small animals at present,this new diagnostic method has broad application and development prospect. Animal B ultrasound diagnosis is an advanced diagnostic method which is fast, accurate,non-invasion and visualized.

At present , many problems of animal B - ultrasonic diagnosis of small animal diseases are still under discussion , and it is believed that with the improvement of instrumentation and the further development of relevant clinical and scientific research work , there is a new step in the B-ultrasound diagnosis of dogs and cats.

Application of Animal B-Ultrasound in the Field of Small Animals

1.The Application of Animal B-ultrasound in Obstetrical Surgery

There are two cases of dystocia.First,difficult labor during delivery, that is, animals have delivered part of the fetus,and then reappeared the delivery posture after 12 or 24 hours,B ultrasound results there are still fetuses in the uterus. However, the maternal itself has been unable to expel the fetus,causing dystocia. Second, it has arrived or passed the expected date of delivery, and the animal only discharged a small amount of fetal water from vulva, but could not deliver the fetus.B ultrasound examination, according to the fetal heart beat, we can see that some fetuses have died, some fetuses are still alive. Such dystocia is more common in cervix and / or the opening of the vulva.

Application of Animal B-Ultrasound in the Field of Small Animals

2.The Application of Animal B Ultrasound in Gastrointestinal Surgery

Gastrointestinal foreign body is one of the most common diseases of the digestive system.Foreign bodies can be divided into four types: high density substances, such as bone, stone, glass ball and so on, which are easier to diagnose; Medium density substances, such as plastic bottle stoppers, foam plastic, low-density substances, such as cotton silk, wire, sponge, plastic bags,small amount of such foreign bodies are not easy to diagnose; Thin objects, such as stitches and thin wire are difficult to diagnose.In general, the stomach and intestine belong to the gas organs, the gas organs doesn't suitable for the B-ultrasound examination.Because the ultrasound will reflect completely when it encounters the gas and can't penetrate,so it can't make the diagnosis.But under certain conditions, if used properly, B-ultrasonography is also an effective means to diagnose gastrointestinal diseases.Before the examination,let dogs and cats drink water can improve the penetrability of ultrasound, enhance the contrast of images, and help to make a diagnosis.Sometimes,it is difficult to distinguish the tissues and foreign bodies in the density,but the intestinal obstruction caused by the foreign body can lead to gastric emptying disorder, and the backward reasoning can also help to make the diagnosis.Determining the nature of foreign body and its location by B ultrasonic machine, then making an effective operation plan .If we do these ,we can greatly improved the successful rate of operation.