Application Of B-ultrasound In Urinary System

   The kidney showed as an oval or broad bean type on veterinary ultrasound equipment images.The renal capsule presents a bright echo zone.The inner renal cortex showed a weak and consistent floral color echo area, the renal medulla presented several non-echoic or slightly weakly echoic areas, and the central or partial renal center was a radially arranged hyperechoic structure of the renal pelvis and periglenoid fat sac.When the bladder is filled with urine, the sonogram is easy to recognize, the bladder wall is smooth and strong echo, its internal urine is a dark area without echo.

Application of B-ultrasound in urinary system

   B ultrasound is more accurate than X-ray in diagnosing renal diseases, and it can specifically diagnose the specific lesion areas. Therefore, it is the most effective method for the diagnosis of renal diseases and upper ureteral diseases in dogs.Kidney stones and bladder stones are also common diseases of dogs, and the accuracy of B-mode ultrasound in the diagnosis of these diseases is quite high,almost 100 percent.In addition,the high resolution probe has a specific diagnostic value for the urethral penis.Bladder transitional epithelial cell carcinoma is a rare and difficult disease in dogs.