Application Of Veterinary B Ultrasound Instrument In Dairy Cattle Breeding

   The animal B ultrasonic diagnostic instrument is used for diagnosis of disease and pregnancy in dairy cows,and it has he advantages of portable,safe,fast,high resolution and accurate.

Ultrasonic imaging diagnosis is a technique of making use of high-frequency acoustic wave (2-10MHz) to form images of tissues and visceral organs and to judge whether or not lesions occur on the basic of this.B ultrasound is a supersonic instrument which is widely used in the clinic of human medicine and veterinarian at present.

   As an advanced scientific diagnostic instrument,animal B ultrasound has been widely used in animal disease diagnosis,pregnancy diagnosis,animal backfat,achilles tendon detection,embryo transfer and so on.With the rapid development of dairy cattle breeding in recent years,the role of B-mode ultrasound in dairy cattle breeding is becoming more and more important.

Application Of Veterinary B Ultrasound Instrument In Dairy Cattle Breeding

    In cow uterine examination,the use of B ultrasound significantly shortened the time of pregnancy and enhanced its accuracy.After 12 days of cow mating,uterine enlargement and intrauterine fluid increase could be detected;the fetus could be detected after 24 days of mating and make a definite diagnosis of pregnancy;and the sex of fetus could be identified after 55-77 days of mating.

    In the diagnosis of uterine diseases,such as pyometra,endometritis,excess or insufficient utero fetal water in pregnant cows,and the uterine reduction after calving,such as uterine torsion and uterine stacking,all of these can be diagnosed.As the scanner probe moves gently on the rectal wall,the entire uterus is visible,and a quick and accurate diagnosis result can be concluded on the basic of this.

Application Of Veterinary B Ultrasound Instrument In Dairy Cattle Breeding

    During the routine examination of the ovary,the structure condition of the ovary can be observed,such as the estrus of the cow and the quality and changes of the follicle and luteal body during pregnancy,the ovarian cyst,stillness and degeneration can be detected.By changing the angle of  movement scan of detecting instrument probe on the rectal wall,any small change in the ovary can be detected,and then gently move the probe position can show clearly the image of the ovarian structure.

   The application of animal B ultrasound can improve the improvement level of dairy cattle breeds.With the help of accurate detection of animal B ultrasonic instrument,embryo transfer can be carried out.Nowadays,in many scientific research institutions,animal B ultrasound is used to collect eggs in living body.In addition,B-mode ultrasound is widely used in measurement of subcutaneous fat thickness,posterior hip fat thickness,muscle fat content and eye muscle area of beef cattle.