Application Prospect Of Animal B Ultrasound In Cow Propagation

At present, the veterinary B ultrasound instrument that used in veterinary clinic emits ultrasound to the detected site by applying the ultrasonic good directivity and the physical characteristics of reflection, scattering, attenuation and Doppler effect which similar to light.The echo signal is received, detected and shown as an intuitive image.According to the obtained images, the veterinarian can understand the size and shape of the internal organs, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate judgment.

1. The Application of Animal Ultrasound in Estrus Identification

No matter how experienced the technicians are, they still can't inseminate at the right time,even cause follicular damage, and affect their development and ovulation from time to time.However, the development of follicles can be accurately grasped during the estrus period by using B ultrasonic instrument, and the examination process will not affect the growth, development of the follicles and ovulation ,then the timely insemination can be achieved.


2.The Application of B Ultrasound in The Diagnosis of Cow Pregnancy

If the technicians with rich clinical experience and comprehensive technique use rectal examination to diagnose the pregnancy of cows,they will make judgments at 60~80 days after mating, and the accuracy is less than 90%. And it's more complicated and takes a long time.But if using B ultrasound, the fetus can be detected at 30 days after mating,the accuracy can reach 100%,and more than 30 days ahead of the traditional rectal examination. It can effectively improve the efficiency of cow breeding.