Bovine Semen Transport And Preservation

1, The semen should be sourced from the regular seed supply unit, and choose the fine varieties suitable for local growth and development and market demand. The quality of the frozen essence should meet the national standards.

2, when moving the liquid nitrogen tank, you should grasp the handle, gently handle it, prevent the collision from tilting, and protect the vacuum pumping valve. When transporting, lay a thick cushion, properly fix it, and install it in a thick cardboard box or wooden box according to the transportation conditions, and firmly attach it to the car to avoid bumps.

2-Animal husbandry

3. During the storage of frozen essence, the condition of liquid nitrogen tank should be checked frequently. If abnormal liquid nitrogen consumption or abnormality of container external frost is found, it should be replaced immediately; when liquid nitrogen capacity is less than 1/2, timely replenishment, minimum The amount of liquid nitrogen should not be less than 1/3 of the full volume of the tank. The residual amount of liquid nitrogen can be estimated by weighing method. It can also be inserted into the bottom of the tank with a fine stick. After 10 seconds, it is taken out and estimated according to the measured length of the frost line. .

4.When handling frozen semen, the bucket or package of the frozen essence can only be mentioned at the base of the neck of the container. It should not be mentioned outside the neck. The movement should be rapid. If it has not been removed after 10 seconds, it should be put back. Soak in liquid nitrogen and continue to pick and place; when the stored frozen essence needs to be transferred to another container, the residence time outside the container should not exceed 5 seconds. If it takes a long time, it should be treated in a container containing liquid nitrogen.