Can The Cells In The Cryogenic Tank Be Resurrected Normally?

Can the cells in the cryogenic tank be resurrected normally?

Normal cells need to be stored at low temperature, so we need to use a low-temperature liquid nitrogen tank. For our low-temperature liquid nitrogen tank, sufficient liquid nitrogen is needed to maintain the activity of the cells, organisms, and vaccines in the tank. If the cells in the tank need to be removed After removing the cryopreservation tube, it needs to be quickly put into a 37°C water bath and gently shaken continuously to ensure that the liquid in the tank reaches 80% dissolution within 1min, and the cells are absorbed into the 6-8DMEM washing solution, and Wash the cryotube, transfer it into a 50ml centrifuge tube, and add 6ml of culture solution, leaving 500ul to measure the cell activity.

In the case of artificial isolation in vitro, peripheral blood mononuclear cells need to maintain their activity after long-term cooling and storage, induce the generation of anti-tumor active cell populations, and then preserve the mononuclear cells to expand activated autologous lymphocytes. Range of application.