Cattle B Super Detection Of The Growth Of Young Beef Cattle

    B-test for cattle growth of young cattle, called from adolescence to sexual maturity mature adult cattle, absolute growth peaked, but the rate of weight gain decreases. In addition to the height and length of the body to continue to grow, the width and depth to a faster rate of growth, especially the most obvious development of width, cattle B ultrasound on the measurement of muscle area, the growth rate will be found faster. Cattle often reached that age before this can be fattening or slaughter.

Cattle B super detection of the growth of young beef cattle

    The overall growth and development of beef cattle was S curve. That is, after the birth of beef cattle growth is relatively slow, and then with the mature growth of cattle body to accelerate. When approaching the age of sexual maturity, growth promoting change, after reaching sexual maturity, growth stopped, the use of bovine B-measurement, loin eye area will find not change substantially. Starting from the embryo,

    The earliest development and the first to complete the development of the nervous system, later followed bones, muscles, and finally the adipose tissue. Early maturing varieties and nutrient sufficient animal growth faster, growth and development completed early, but the growth and development of the same order.