Cattle B Ultrusion Diagnosis Dairy Cow Mastitis

   Dairy cow mastitis is extremely harmful to dairy cows, cattle withCattle B Ultrusion Diagnosis Dairy Cow Mastitis B-diagnosis dairy cow mastitis, cattle in the B-ultrasound can see the breast with irregular echo structure.   Dairy cow recessive mastitis need to use special detection methods to make a diagnosis, such as cattle with B super. Cow dairy mastitis incidence is high, no obvious clinical symptoms, dairy cow biochemical and milk composition changes, but the naked eye is difficult to detect, cattle with B-observation, you can see the dairy cow structure is not uniform.    With the development of the disease, may become a clinical mastitis. Recessive mastitis detection methods include milk somatic cell count, milk pH test, conductivity test, enzyme detection, MTT and milk composition direct detection method.

   So early detection early control, you can reduce the economic losses to a minimum.