Cleaning Points Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank

In order to use the liquid nitrogen tank for a long time and have a good heat preservation effect, besides choosing the products, our later maintenance is also very important. For example, the cleaning of the liquid nitrogen tank will affect the service life of the liquid nitrogen tank, because after use, if the tank is not cleaned, the remaining articles in the tank may cause damage to the tank, thereby reducing the service time of the liquid nitrogen tank, then the cleaning liquid. What are the main points of the nitrogen tank?

Cleaning Points of Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Wash it with clean water, drain it, dry it with a blower, and set it aside at room temperature.

Firstly, take out the cylinder in the liquid nitrogen tank, remove the liquid nitrogen and put it in the tank for 2 to 3 days. Then, when the temperature in the tank rises to about 0 C, pour warm water about 30 C, and scrub it with cloth.

If individual melting substances are found sticking to the bottom of the inner gallbladder, they must be carefully washed and cleaned. Then rinse it several times with clean water, and then invert the liquid nitrogen tank.