Composition Of Cryogenic Tank Operation Steps

Composition of cryogenic tank operation steps: First filling, refilling, gas supply, cryopump system, cryogenic liquid sprinkler system, small container filling, tank filling, boost regulator setting, and level gauge operation.

1. Confirm that the liquid in the liquid supply device is the liquid to be filled.

2. Confirm that the upper and lower valves of the liquid level gauge are open and the remaining valves are closed.

3. Connect the liquid supply device infusion hose to the tank filling port C-1.

4. Fully open air valve V-13 for normal pressure filling.

5. Open the pipe long liquid emptying method V-3, micro-open the liquid discharge valve of the liquid supply device, and let the infusion hose cool, and at the same time blow off the impurities and air at the C-1 port of the storage tank.

6. Close the pipe residual liquid discharge valve v-3, slowly open the top liquid inlet valve v-2, and perform the top spray filling.

7. Pay attention to the tank pressure gauge P-1 during filling of the liquid. If the pressure of the inner tank of the storage tank rises above the supply pressure or close to the normal working pressure of the storage tank, the inner container vent valve V-13 should be opened to vent the pressure in the storage tank.

8. Use V-2 for top filling.

9. Open the pipe residual liquid discharge valve V-3, discharge the residual liquid of the infusion metal hose and the upper inlet pipe, and then close the bottom liquid inlet valve V-2 and the pipe residual liquid discharge valve V-3. Close the inner container vent valve V-13.

10. Loosen the joint of the infusion hose and the tank filling port C-1 to defrost the surface of the hose. After the hose is restored to flexibility, remove the infusion hose.