Cryogenic Tank Replenishment Method

1. Confirm that the liquid in the liquid supply device is the liquid to be filled.

2. Confirm that the upper and lower valves (V-9, V-11) of the liquid level gauge are open, and the other valves are in the closed position.

3. Open the inner container vent valve V-13, and the inner container is vented and relieved. Then, the liquid supply device infusion hose is connected to the storage tank mounting port C-1.

4. Open the drain valve of the pipe residual liquid discharge valve V-3 micro-opening liquid supply device, so that the infusion hose is cooled, and at the same time, the impurities and air at the filling port C-1 of the storage tank are blown off.

5. Close the pipe residual liquid discharge valve V-3 and slowly open the top liquid inlet valve V-2 to the fully open position.

6. Slowly open the bottom liquid inlet and outlet valve V-1 and fill the bottom of the bottom at the same time.

8. Open the pipe residual liquid discharge valve V-3, discharge the residual liquid in the infusion metal hose and the upper inlet pipe, half-close the top V-2 and V-3, and then close V-13.

9. Loosen the joint of the infusion hose and the tank filling port C-1 to defrost the surface of the hose and remove it after the hose returns to normal.

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