Cryopreservation Of Bovine Frozen Semen

The frozen storage of bovine semen is specially treated with semen and stored at ultra-low temperature for long-term preservation. It is usually stored in liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C) and dry ice (-79 ° C).

Its greatest advantage is that it can be stored for a long time, and the use is not limited by the time, the area and the life of the male animal. Can greatly improve the utilization rate of the bull.

Formulation of the diluent

12% sucrose solution 75 ml, glycerol 5 ml, egg yolk solution 20 ml.

Dilution method

The semen that has passed the inspection is diluted by 1:2 times to 5 times dilution. The principle of dilution should ensure that the number of sperm contained in each granule semen is not less than 30 million to 40 million, and it is straight forward after thawing. There are no less than 15 million sperm.