Daily Quality Inspection Method Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Liquid nitrogen tank can be divided into storage and transport. Storage tank is mainly used for indoor liquid nitrogen storage,can not be long-distance transport;Transport tank in order to meet the transport conditions, made a special impact design. In addition to static storage of goods, but also for liquid nitrogen transport, but also to avoid serious collision and vibration.


1, Liquid nitrogen tank in the use of the process, It should be always check.In the case of liquid nitrogen in the tank.If you find liquid nitrogen tank on the top and the top of the water droplets or frosting situation,indicating that the quality of liquid nitrogen tank should be immediately stopped using;

2, If the liquid nitrogen tank cap on the top and no water droplets or frosting phenomenon,Touch the shell by hand,feel upper part cold,Lower heat,Indicating that the quality of liquid nitrogen tank has some problems,That is, the greater the daily increase in liquid nitrogen, should pay attention to observation, to prevent loss of liquid nitrogen, material damage, If necessary, it is best to stop using; if the same temperature up and down, indicating that the quality of liquid nitrogen tank no problem.

3, After opening the stopper,fog is not spilled,but sink,that liquid nitrogen tank no problem.

4, In the bottle to hear the liquid nitrogen tank whether there is bubble sound,Such as frequent sound,indicating that the quality of liquid nitrogen tank problems,otherwise no problem.