Do You Know The Role Of All Parts Of The Liquid Nitrogen Tank?

Do you know the role of all parts of the liquid nitrogen tank?

The neck plug is made of plastic with excellent heat insulation, which has the bidirectional effect of reducing the volatilization of liquid nitrogen and fixing the fixed lifting cylinder. There is a high vacuum between the inner and outer bladders. The vacuum chamber is equipped with double-layer insulation materials, so it has excellent freezing characteristics.

The neck tube is made of epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic, which has a very low thermal conductivity, and can control the external heat generated from the neck tube to a minimum degree. The vessel is composed of an inner liner, an outer liner, a lifting cylinder and a neck tube connecting the inner and outer liners. The inner and outer bladders are made of high-toughness aluminum alloy profiles.

Equipped with a vapour catalyst carrier in the vacuum position, it can absorb the vapour from metal materials or other chemical substances in the vacuum chamber and then maintain a high vacuum at all times. The lifting cylinder is placed in liquid nitrogen and used for storing refrigerated objects. Its upper end is fixed by the small groove of the neck plug and the vacancy of the inner diameter gauge, ensuring a stable and safe transportation.

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