Factors Affecting The Duration Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank Insulation

Customers who purchase liquid nitrogen tanks for the first time will ask questions such as the storage period of the liquid nitrogen tank and the amount of evaporation. Of course, the longer the storage time of liquid nitrogen, the better the quality. So what factors affect the storage time of liquid nitrogen?

1) Thermal insulation performance of liquid nitrogen tank

Because every day liquid nitrogen evaporates and is discharged through a safety valve. The better the thermal insulation performance of the liquid nitrogen tank of the same volume, the better the quality, and the longer the thermal insulation time.

2) Model of liquid nitrogen tank

Liquid nitrogen tanks of the same quality have the same storage time for the same model. The larger the model, the longer the storage time, because there is a large amount of liquid nitrogen stored.

3) Caliber of liquid nitrogen tank

The diameter of the liquid nitrogen tank is generally divided into 50mm, 80mm, 125mm, and 210mm. The larger the caliber, the shorter the storage time. The diameter of the liquid nitrogen tank is the same, and the liquid nitrogen evaporation amount is the same when the tank is opened the same number of times.

4) Outside temperature

Although the external temperature has a small effect on the evaporation of the liquid nitrogen tank, when the frequency of use is higher, the higher the external temperature, the larger the corresponding evaporation amount.

Friendly reminder: how long the liquid nitrogen container stores liquid nitrogen is only an approximate figure, it is difficult to make a specific answer.

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