First Use Ice Maker Precautions

      Clean and maintain:After completing the purchase, it is important to understand the cleaning and maintenance of these devices. Through the cleaning and maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of equipment. The use of special cleaning agents designed specifically for ice makers is good for the product. In addition it should also be cleaned periodically ice spoon.

First use ice maker Precautions

      Storage and capacity:There is a difference between the storage and capacity. The ice making of a machine means how many products the machine can produce within 24 hours.The storage capacity is the amount of ice the compact ice maker can hold. Some people are worried about spillage, and most models have a mechanism that could stop the machine from stopping more ice if it is full.

      Type of ice:You will find that due to the nature of the machine, most appliances produce bullet-shaped ice. There are some cylindrical ice. While many models produce cloudy refrigerators that use traditional freezers, some models produce undamaged products that you can find in restaurants.