Functions And Features Of The Ice Machine Instruction Manual

The fully automatic ice making machine produced by our company has the shape of rectangular parallelepiped and stainless steel shell, and has beautiful appearance. It has the characteristics of fast ice making speed, large ice making capacity, transparent icicles and fast deicing speed.


From the influent water injection, ice making, water discharge, deicing, ice storage, a series of processes to achieve automatic computer-controlled continuous ice making, if there is a lack of water or ice in the refrigerator, the corresponding instructions on the operation panel of the ice crusher The light will flash, the ice machine will automatically stop, and it has good protection. Since the storage refrigerator adopts a rigid foaming structure, the heat preservation performance is good, so that the ice cubes produced are not easily melted.


In addition, the ice machine is reused after each ice is finished, which not only saves water resources, but also improves the ice making efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and greatly reduces the user's ice making costs. Therefore, it has a green and environmentally friendly effect. According to the different methods of water use for ice making, pure water ice and tap water ice can be used respectively.