How Do Cells Store In Liquid Nitrogen Container

Cells can be stored in liquid nitrogen for more than half a year at - 80 C. How can cells be stored in liquid nitrogen container?

1. Pre-preparation of cryopreservation liquid;

2. Digestion of cells with trypsin: Pour out the culture medium in the culture bottle or suck carefully the culture medium in the culture plate with a gun, rinse the cells twice with PBS, and digest the cells with trypsin (as mild as possible);

3. The cells were suspended in the complete culture medium again. The pre-cooled cryopreservation solution was added to the digested cells. The cells were gently beaten and blended with dropper.

4. Add 1 ml cell fluid into each cryopreservation tube and mark the cryopreservation cell name and date after sealing.

5. The delicacy of the freezing process is directly related to the vitality of the cells during recovery. If there is a programmed cooler (put it in the refrigerator at - 80 C for overnight, put it in the liquid nitrogen container), or it can be stored at 4 C for 2 hours.