How Long Can Cows Be Identified After Breeding

After 55-70 days of successful breeding of cows, the calves can be sexed.

Identification method:

1. Hold the B-ultrasound probe in human cow's rectum. Scan the uterine horn in pregnancy. Echoes of amniotic fluid and cotyledons can be easily seen at this time.

2. Gently move the probe slowly, and you can see the local echo of the fetus. The fetal position can be determined by the echo image and dynamic ultrasound tracking.

3. According to the known position of the fetus, the probe moves slightly toward the tail of the fetus. If a strong echo light group or light spot is seen directly behind the umbilical cord (this is a male reproductive nodule, this reproductive nodule will develop into a male penis) The fetus is male. If there is no strong echo light group or spot behind the umbilical cord, the fetus is the mother.

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