How To Choose Of Buy Commercial Ice Machine

Commercial ice maker prices are generally more expensive, therefore, choose a rest assured that the ice machine is not only in the aftermarket guarantee, but also for the hotel to save a lot of maintenance costs. The specific reference is summarized as follows:

1.The Amount Of Ice Produced By An Ice Maker:

Cottage version of the ice machine, light to take the price to attract you, as everyone knows, the ice machine's production capacity is far less than. A production is marked with 68 kg / 24 hours of ice machine, the actual use of down capacity is only 1 / 3. Why is this? One of the "mystery" I'll tell you, do not look at the appearance of the ice machine and the summer Snow looks like the size of the larger, even greater, in fact, is concerned about the ice machine production capacity is not the appearance of the machine size, but the machine should have a strong "heart" that the ice machine compressor. What brand of compressor directly determines the size of the capacity of ice production, of course, although there are good brands of compressors, but the producers in order to save costs, useful small power compressor, production capacity will be greatly reduced.

2. Ice Machine Production Process

Poor quality of the poor price of ice-making machine, not into a system, into the history of the production process, grinding a sword, not a system, only the surface effort, in fact, although the ice production process is not complicated, but the refrigeration system Design and improvement is indeed not to be overlooked, technical and material requirements will be high. So, the ice machine to understand the work of the early, we must do the homework of consumers. Often Taobao days cat online look a lot of business, Xiao Bian can be very responsible to tell you that their workshop is not our warehouse big. Why there are many hundred years abroad business? That is their manual craft is the history and years of carved down.

3. Ice Machine After-sales Service

The price of various brands is not the same, the quality of the brand is relatively good quality will be relatively higher, I know now a lot of the level of rational customers to buy ice machine is to see a company's brand reputation reputation effect, so Said the choice of ice machine, then we generally recommend that you choose a brand, good quality, although the cost may be slightly higher, but these things will bring me unexpected results in the late. And cottage ice machine so irrational consumers staring at the price, that the price is low to earn, it is not true, the latter part of the maintenance and repair costs are expensive, the service life is very short.