How To Test The Quality Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank To Buy Good

How to test the quality of liquid nitrogen tank to buy good? The following Tianchi liquid nitrogen tank technical staff to tell you how to quickly determine the quality of liquid nitrogen tank good or bad method:

① Tank in the use of the process, every day should always check the use of the tank, in the tank with liquid nitrogen under the premise of the tank cap and the upper part of the water droplets or frosting situation, indicating the quality of the jar problems should be immediately stop using;

② In the tank cap and the upper no water droplets or frosting phenomenon, touch the shell by hand, feeling the upper cold, the lower part of the heat, indicating that there are some problems in the quality of the tank, that is, the greater the daily increase in liquid nitrogen should pay attention to observe, to prevent Liquid nitrogen consumption loss, the storage of material damage, if necessary, it is best to stop using; if the same temperature up and down, indicating the quality of the tank no problem.

③ Open the stopper, the bottle of the fog is not spilled, and to sink, indicating that the tank is good.

④With the ears from the mouth to see whether there is a bubble sound, such as more frequent jar quality problems, otherwise no problem.