How To Use The Instructions Of The Ice Machine

        How to use the instructions of the ice machine

        1. Remove the outer packaging and remove the attached file bag and inlet pipe, drain pipe, ice spoon, gasket and other accessories from the ice storage box.

        2. Place the ice machine in a ventilated place, keep a space of not less than 150mm with the wall, keep away from the heat source, and ensure that the machine is placed smoothly.

        3. Connect a 12 soft plastic corrugated drain pipe attached to the outlet pipe 7 on the back of the machine, and the other port is placed in the water tank (self-contained) or the sewer.

        4. Connect one end of the supplied water inlet pipe to the faucet with 3/4" threaded joint of the drinking water supply pipe. The water pressure of the water supply pipe is 1.5-3kg/cm2, and the other end is connected with the water valve on the back of the ice machine. Threaded joints 6 are connected. Note that when connecting, seals (scheduled) are required at both ends of the inlet pipe.


        5. Unscrew the tap to ensure the smooth flow of the inlet pipe.

        6. Plug in the power plug and press the rocker switch on the operation panel. At this time, the ice machine starts working. The ice machine implements automatic continuous ice making from the water, ice making, ice removal and ice storage. 

        The amount of ice inside reaches a certain level, the full ice light on the operation panel 2 will be on, and the ice machine will automatically stop; when the external water supply pipe (or pure water supply system) has water or water supply failure, the ice machine operation panel is short of water. The light will illuminate and the ice machine will automatically stop.