How To Use The Veterinary B-ultrasound Probe

Unreasonable use of veterinary B-ultrasound probes can easily cause damage to the probes, so it is necessary to master the correct use of veterinary B-ultrasound probes.

1. The B-ultrasound probe is the heavy core component of the B-ultrasound machine for veterinary use. It is forbidden to knock, drop or collide during use. Veterinary B-mode probes should be placed in the probe protection box of the machine when not in use, and the protection box should be kept dry and clean.

2. Be sure to use a qualified ultrasonic couplant, and it is strictly forbidden to use fake or inferior couplant (containing oil or other chemical solvent components), otherwise it will cause great damage to the B-mode probe.

3. After the veterinary B-ultrasound machine completes the test, the B-ultrasound probe must be cleaned. The surface of the probe can be cleaned with a soft cloth soaked in water. Remember not to scrub it with hard paper, otherwise the acoustic lens of the probe will be easily damaged.

4. The structure of the B ultrasound probe is not watertight, and no liquid can immerse the seams under the probe.

5. When the veterinary B-ultrasound machine completes the test, the host power should be cut off first, and then the B-ultrasound probe should be unplugged.

6.If the ultrasound is used for external positioning of high-power ultrasound equipment or vibration equipment such as lithotripters, therapeutic machines, etc., the probe should be removed before positioning is completed and the high-power equipment or vibration equipment is not turned on to ensure Power ultrasound or vibration does not act on the B ultrasound probe, otherwise the probe may be easily damaged.