Human Factors Of Liquid Nitrogen Tank Explosion

   Liquid nitrogen tank is a dangerous chemical. If used unreasonably, the liquid nitrogen container will explode easily, which will cause equipment damage and heavy casualties.

Therefore, the safety of liquid nitrogen containers in the process of use should be highly valued. There are many reasons for the explosion of liquid nitrogen containers, and the human factors should be described here. Nanjing liquid nitrogen tank experts remind that the users of liquid nitrogen tanks should be avoided in time.

Human factors of liquid nitrogen tank explosion

   1) Improper storage and transportation

The storage type of liquid nitrogen tank can be divided into 2 kinds: storage tank and transport tank. The storage tank is mainly used for indoor static storage of liquid nitrogen, should not be used in long distance transportation under working condition.

   2) leakage of liquid nitrogen

The liquid nitrogen in the inner bile can not be discharged normally for a long time, or a large amount of leakage into the interlayer space gasification, and it may also cause the liquid nitrogen container to explode.