Ice Baby And 17-year-old Sister Same Age

In 1999, Liu Wen (a pseudonym) in the Zhongshan courtyard frozen 13 embryos, through two transplant, she successfully gave birth to a daughter, the first hospital in Zhongshan University, deputy head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Professor Zhou Canquan, The After this, the remaining frozen embryos have been placed in a hospital in the liquid nitrogen tank, not been remembered.

Last year, after the full two children released, Liu and her husband returned to the hospital again, hoping to retrieve 18 years ago, frozen embryos. "Our system is very complete, according to the records of the time quickly found her embryo, such as where the tank which position, showing the preservation conditions are no problem." Zhou Canquan said, then, Liu and her husband decided to thaw after transplantation.

"Her compliance is very good, the whole fertility process is very smooth." Zhongshan Hospital, director of obstetrics and gynecology Professor Wang Zilian said three days ago, Liu Wen through the caesarean section, successfully gave birth to a 2.88 kg male baby. At this time, she is 48 years old. "Pregnant women in good condition, very optimistic, not squeamish." Prince said that after the baby was born, the physical indicators of all normal, and no other special symptoms. And this "ice baby", with 17-year-old sister can be said to be "the same age."

According to reports, Zhongshan hospital from 1994 began to have frozen embryos technology, the recent birth of two cases of sleep more than 16 years of "ice baby".