Ice Machine Daily Maintenance

  1. Snow machine ice machine compressor (water, ice, power, etc.) shutdown, can not be continuous start, at least five minutes after the start, continuous start will damage the compressor.

  2. Timely check out the water pipes, timely treatment of a small amount of water leakage.

  3. When the ice maker is not in use, unscrew the plastic drain nut, drain the water from the tank, and dry the refrigerator liner with a dry cloth.

  4. When the ambient temperature below 0 ℃ below, there may be ice, drainage must be carried out, the water release, otherwise it may lead to water rupture.

  5. When cleaning the ice machine, do not use it for more than one week. Unplug the power cord. Operation, the application of hand-pull plug, do not pull the power cord.

  Drain pipes should be checked once a year to prevent clogging.