Ice Machine Development History

      In 1950, A.P. Ferguson, the second son of Collede founder J├╝ergen Hans, applied for the ice machine patent (2496155) in the United States and founded Collinde (USA). The name changed to Focusun the following year.

      In 1977, Northstar Refrigeration Equipment Corp. developed the world's first flake ice machine. The stainless steel evaporator makes it a large ice machine that produces edible ice after the Ferguson tube ice machine.


      In 1986, Shanghai Fisheries purchased the first tube ice machine from Ferguson, Germany, for food preservation.

      The development history of the flake ice machine: In 2002, Ferguson China established a research and development base in Shanghai, mainly engaged in the development and production of other refrigeration applications such as ice machine, flake ice machine and ice cube machine.