Ice Machine Disinfection System

      1) Set the power switch.

      2) Remove all ice cubes from storage bin.

      3)Prepare a sterile solution by warming a gallon of warm water with bleach.

      4) The ice maker is connected to the water supply. Filled tank disinfection solution.

      5) Turn on the power switch. Within 3 minutes, press the cleaning button. This machine will run in automatic cleaning mode. Yellow ice harvest and the red led lights will flash.

Ice machine disinfection system

      6) The cleaning cycle will last for 30 minutes, unless you press the power switch, you can press the power switch to stop the cleaning cycle any time (30 minutes). After cleaning, the yellow ice is harvested and the green ice makes the LEDs steady and the machine returns to standby mode.

      7) dirty water must be completely drained. Perform steps 2 and 3 of the internal cleaning section.

      8) Repeat steps 4 to 7 more than three times with fresh water to flush the ice system completely. Caution: Do not add any cleaning or disinfection solution to the water in the rinse tank.

      9) If you want the ice to clean, turn off the power switch, drain the waste, and turn on the power switch. The next ice-making cycle can begin.

      10) Discard the first batch of ice.