Ice Machine Ice Process

        Ice making ice making process includes initial power-on initialization (finding the ice box horizontal position), ice exploration, temperature detection and ice-breaking. The specific process is as follows:

        1) When powering on for the first time, you do not know where the ice bin is, so you should initialize it even if the ice bin is in a horizontal position.

        2) Check the freezer temperature, when the freezer temperature is -10℃, the following ice making work, or wait.

        3) Exploring the ice, that is, detecting whether the amount of ice cubes in the ice bank is full, stopping the ice making when the ice cubes are full and waiting for the ice to be taken in for opening the door; if the ice box is not full, the ice cubes are going downwards.

        4) Fill the ice box with water.

        5) Check the temperature of the sensor at the bottom of the ice bin. When the temperature of the sensor is -12°C, rotate the ice bin, twist the ice, fall into the ice bin, and then back to the horizontal position. An ice-making process is over.