Ice Machine Ice The Whole Process

   With the improvement of people's living standards, living in ice for fresh meat, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits and so on; laboratory frozen samples; hotels, cold drinks, less than this. Ice is so popular, ice making ice system is also sought after.

   In the case of a laboratory ice maker, the user's new purchase may not know how to start the operation. Tianchi ice machine manufacturers simply as follows:

Ice Machine Ice The Whole Process

   Laboratory ice maker in the beginning to check whether the automatic water supply device is normal before the water tank is reasonable water storage. Everything is no problem, the compressor began to enter the ice state after the first pump began to run 2 minutes after plug in the power. This 2-minute time is the process of pumping air pump, this time does not think that ice is not a problem with the equipment.

   When the ice thickness reaches the ice maker setting the thickness, the ice plate probe starts, the solenoid valve starts to work, the pump stops working, hot air enters the evaporator, and the ice falls about 1.5 minutes. When the ice falls, the ice falls and opens the reed switch.

   When the reed switch is closed, the machine enters the ice making process again. The compressor does not stop as a whole ice and deicing. When the ice bucket full of ice, the reed switch can not automatically shut down, the machine automatically stops working, take enough ice, the reed switch to shut down, delay 3 minutes after the machine starts, re-enter the ice process.